Free Jeremy Hammond!

Social and political activist Jeremy Hammond, a 28 year old web-developer from Chicago, is being accused of extracting data from Strategic Forecasting(Stratfor), and publishing this information on the anti-secrecy website, as the 'Global Intelligence Files.'

We are getting closer to


by NA on Thu, Nov 08 2012

Organizations, Websites and Resources:

FreeAnons - the Anonymous Solidarity Network

Anarchist Black Cross - Anarchist Prisoner Support Federation

  - (A)nonymous Blog 

 - Postcards to Jeremy support project

RadioAnonOps - Radio Station sharing music and anonymous news and interviews

Blasted Rat - Online store for cool anon stuff - All anonymous items fund support for accused ANONS

FreetheTinleyPark5 - Support Site for the Tinley Park 5, righteous anti-fascists

FiretothePrisons - Insurrectionary Anarchist publication - Committee to Stop FBI Repression

This Day in Wikileaks - Day-to-Day Updates of Wikileaks  


Articles & Essays: 

Did the FBI Use Occupy Cleveland Case to Equate Activism with Terrorism?

Jeremy Hammond's Rolling Stone Article

Hacktivism: Civil Disibedience or Cyber Crime? 

Article in L'Expresso about Jeremy Hammond (in Italian, open in google chrome can translate) 

New York's top court highlights the meaninglessness and menace of the term 'terrorism':

Internal Documents released by FBI reveal plans to spy on Occupy as a possible 'terrorist threat' 

We must resist "This Gross Inversion of Democracy" a recap of the 11/29 press conferance in support of Jeremy - The Sparrow Project

Michael Rattner speaks on Jeremy Hammond, Bradley Manning, and Julian Assange on Democracy Now- 12-27-2012

"On Barrett, Jeremy and Internet Snitches: or,  a call for people to go the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture in grave concern of inhumane punishment for suspected information criminals" 

'what would we do without you, Jeremy Hammond' article on Revolution Times with Sue Crabtre

Aaron Swartz "Freedom to Connect" on Democracy Now 

February 1st Radio Show AnonOps  with Lorax: concerning Aaron Swartz, Jeremy Hammond, Bradley Manning, featuring Commander X, Sue Crabtree, and Natasha Lennard 

Jan 21st 2013 - Michael Rattner in the Indypendent '10 Steps towards a revolutionary transformation of society' 

Julian Assange calls the Dreamworks film about Wikileaks 'a propaganda attack' 

Jan 19th - Occupy the Stage - throws a parade with FREEANON leaflets distributed

News Archives & Court Documents: 

March 7, 2012 (has a hyper link to the initial complaint attached)

May 15, 2012

November 21, 2012

December 14, 2012  (includes a hyper link to the motion of recusal & the schedule of recusal with January 11 deadline)

December 14, 2012 Transripts from Bail Hearing: 

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